The Prince: The Secret Story of the World’s Most Intriguing Royal, Prince Bandar bin Sultan

“This excellent book tells the story of a man for our times who had been at the heart of world events for two decades and whom I am proud to call a friend.” – Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

“It reads better than a James Bond novel” – Judith Regan, CEO of Regan Books.

“I must congratulate William Simpson capturing in his book, the enigmatic of my dear friend Prince Bandar in an intriguing, explosive and thoroughly revealing account of the life of this man of immense ability and conscience. I would encourage everyone to read this biography.” – Former President Nelson Mandela.

“The Prince is essential reading. But it is far, far more than that. This is the best street-smart, experience-based assessment discussion of the art of diplomacy I have read since former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s famous work on the same subject.” – The Washington Times, Martin Sieff, Managing Editor for International Affairs for United Press International.

“It’s a fascinating story – it’s a great story. He straddles just so many immensely important international events with key personal participation, influence, and stature; he has a wonderful reputation.” – Louis Freeh, Director of the FBI, 1993-2001.

“In his revealing biography, Simpson reveals the intriguing and fascinating life of a man of contradictions. Already hailed by The New York Times and other reviewers as an important biographical work, Simpson’s study should be read by anyone interested in state affairs.” – Washington Life Magazine. November 2006.

“Saudi Arabian prince Bandar Bin Sultan emerges in this biography by Simpson, not only a figure well-connected and well-placed among public and private power structures, but a super-man who melds his incredible wealth with savoir faire, razor-sharp pragmatism and a disarming sense of humor. Especially riveting tales feature Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and the first president Bush, in which all parties participate in an intricate diplomatic dance-at times skirting the brink of international disaster-while wars raged throughout the Middle East. ” – Publishers Weekly.

“The Bandar story is remarkable…. If the book is to be believed, Bandar’s role in clinching arms deals, putting out Arab fires and pursuing peace was even more central, and more Machiavellian, than the world had realised.” – The Economist – Dec 2, 2006.

“Bill’s much acclaimed book “The Prince” is the biography of Prince Bandar Bin Sultan and a riveting portrait of one of the most enigmatic yet influential powerbrokers in America. His first book is described by Nelson Mandela in the foreword as ‘a fascinating and accomplished story of a man of principle, a diplomat of astonishing calibre, and one of the greatest peacemakers of our time.’ Within this “secret story of the world’s most intriguing royal” are – among many eye-openers – accounts of Bandar’s direct involvement with winning the Cold War with Saudi petrodollars, with the Iran-Contra affair, with Gorbachev’s withdrawal of Soviet military from Afghanistan, and with negotiating an end to the Iran-Iraq war.” – Newsdesk of ITV Channel Online.


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  1. unlike additional blogs i have read which are really not good. i also found your posts very interesting.

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